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Improve Mental Toughness > Transform performance of individuals and organisations
Penny Mallory and her team have worked inside and alongside World Class teams (including F1) within industry and business for decades. Having competed herself at World Championship level, Penny knows how critical it is to address the mental issues that influence your performance.
What is Mental Toughness?
Mental Toughness is the ability to manage and overcome stress, pressure, anxiety, concerns, challenges and circumstances that prevent you from succeeding or excelling at a task. It’s also a measure of your resilience, confidence and ability to see challenges as opportunities rather than threats. People achieve things partly because of their skill, talent and ability but mostly because of their mental toughness.
Think about it… amazing sporting heroes and business leaders pick themselves up time and time again, they go again, and again because they are determined to succeed, and they won’t be beaten by life’s pressure sand obstacles. They are resilient and they find a way. That’s Mental Toughness.
Individuals, teams and organisations can improve and develop their mental toughness in order to better handle the stress and pressure of work, achieve a particular goal, or to simply reduce anxiety (therefore improving mental health).
The opposite of Mental Toughness is Mental Sensitivity (not weakness) and these people are more at risk of mental health issues because they don’t cope well with stress and pressure.
There are 4 key areas that determine your Mental Toughness:
How you feel you are in control of your life and your emotions?
How committed you are to completing goals? Do you give up before you complete the task, and do you lose focus?
How you have a belief in your ability to approach and complete a task, and how you influence others?
How you push yourself and how driven are you to succeed? Do you challenges as opportunities or threats?

The Mental Toughness Programme
Many Mental Toughness can be improved through assessment, diagnosis, training and coaching. Our development programmes can be tailored to each organisation and individual .
Mental Toughness programmes are invaluable for:
– Leadership & Management Development
– Staff Development
– New Recruit Development
– Organisational Development

Assessment, Training & Coaching may include these areas:
– Visualisation
– Anxiety control
– Positive thinking
– Goal setting & Re-framing
– The test itself
– Feedback & coaching

Next Steps
– You can take a Mental Toughness assessment online which takes approximately 10 minutes to complete
– You answer a series of 48 questions
– A report will be generated, measuring you in the 4 areas of Commitment, Control, Confidence and Challenge
– The report is then discussed with you in a one-hour feedback session


Penny Mallory
Mental Toughness assessments can be purchased at an organisational level or an individual level and further coaching is available after the one-hour feedback session if required.
Penny Mallory is an International Keynote Speaker who draws on her experiences as a homeless teenager who fulfilled her impossible dream of becoming a Champion Rally Driver. Against all the odds, Penny became the first (and remains the only) woman in the world to compete in a World Rally Car, for the Ford Rally Team.
She is an expert in Mental Performance. Not only has she competed in the World Rally Championship, she has run multiple marathons, climbed the worlds highest summits, and fought in two boxing matches, amongst other things! Penny is a Psychological Performance Coach who works within Sport and Business to improve performance and results, and create World Class Teams.

"Utterly superb!"

"We’re building a new Hotels team here at Aprirose, and we needed a half-year energy & momentum boost. 
We made the perfect choice – Penny was amazing!  Every member of our team was super-engaged for the entire session, and Penny’s own story is nothing short of inspirational.
The whole raft of challenges we thought we collectively faced  were completely achievable by the end of it.  What was all the more impressive was Penny’s ability to tailor-make the session so well to our company and our needs, cutting through any negativity, and transforming our frustrations into positive energy.   
We’re now in so much better shape. We’re coming back for more Penny, be sure of it! Thank you."
Kym Kapadia, Chief Commercial Officer, Aprirose Real Estate investment



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