Growth Mindset Coach UK


Transporting you from where you are now, to where you want to be


Pressure and heat create diamonds. We create diamond minds.

We work with winners – people like us, who are already successful or who have decided they are going to be. If you are inspired by the success of others, embrace challenges and see effort as a path to mastery then we share the same growth mindset. We live and think the same way you do, we’re well versed in the language of success and winning. We understand its joys and pains, just as you do. Everyone needs someone, but you’re not everyone. That means that your ‘someone’ can’t be just anyone, either.

It’s not important to us whether you’re a man or a woman, how old you are or where you’re from. What’s important is how committed you are to the process; how badly you want to change something in your life. When the commitment of the client meets the expertise of the coach, there is nothing that cannot be achieved.

Our clients work with us because they’re ready to go to the next level. They’re ready to go outside of their comfort zone and reach a new high. We are often the only people in our clients’ lives who have the balls to be brutally honest with them, the only person who can make them see what they cannot see themselves. Sometimes your best thinking is wrong, and we’ll tell you when we think so, no matter who you are.

Our aim is to help you achieve total clarity of what you want in life, have unstoppable confidence in yourself, reach social mastery, become a remarkable leader, and operate on the highest level of performance possible; whatever it is that you need and want the most.

You will emerge with confidence, motivation, unrivalled communication skills in any scenario and the ability to improve any team’s performance. You’ll develop a clear strategy to deliver your plan, to ensure your personal transformation. Most people lead mediocre lives. On their deathbeds, they look back and regret those lives. Not our clients.

If you’re serious about going somewhere you’ve never been, pushing higher and further than you or anyone else thought you could, then it’s time to trust the voice inside telling you to do what you know you can do, and create a truly remarkable life.

Penny Mallory and her team are the ultimate in Executive Performance Coaching who’ll help you conquer your own personal and corporate mountains. Our mission is to unleash and expand human potential. We work differently with everyone, simply because everyone we work with is different. We don’t follow any template or particular school of coaching. With each new client, we design a unique, perfectly fitted coaching programme for the person in front of us; you.

This opportunity will cost you more than money, though. We need your energy and commitment as well. Let’s talk when you’re ready, and your life will transform.


You can win or lose a race in your head.

Or a match, a game or a deal. Or Life.

Coaching for an elite performance can significantly improve your learning, self-development and coping strategies.

For most people, the main obstacle people face in fulfilling their full potential is themselves. Understanding the impact of how you think, and identifying how you might improve your mental approach is the secret to High Performance Thinking.

Get your ‘head in the right place’ and you will find the edge you need to get ahead of your competitors.

Penny works with people who care about their performance; whose performance matters, working together to develop your winning attitude.

Having competed herself at World Championship level, Penny knows how critical it is to address the mental issues that influence your performance, which may include:

  • Identifying and planning for specific goals
  • Managing a team effectively for maximum results
  • Coping with nerves, anxiety and stress
  • Competing in the present
  • Setting process goals during competition
  • Removing Performance blocks
  • Motivation, confidence and self belief
  • Concentration and attentional focus positive psychology

"Utterly superb!"

"We’re building a new Hotels team here at Aprirose, and we needed a half-year energy & momentum boost. 
We made the perfect choice – Penny was amazing!  Every member of our team was super-engaged for the entire session, and Penny’s own story is nothing short of inspirational.
The whole raft of challenges we thought we collectively faced  were completely achievable by the end of it.  What was all the more impressive was Penny’s ability to tailor-make the session so well to our company and our needs, cutting through any negativity, and transforming our frustrations into positive energy.   
We’re now in so much better shape. We’re coming back for more Penny, be sure of it! Thank you."
Kym Kapadia, Chief Commercial Officer, Aprirose Real Estate investment


Mission : To unleash human potential. Everybody has the potential to be an elite performer, our purpose is to create exceptional thinking and behaviour that expands human potential.


Vision : To eradicate ego, enable better communication, and to encourage acceptance of criticism without fault or blame, whilst learning from failure.


Passion : To transform individuals into elite performers, world conquering teams and world beating organisations