ILM72 Leadership Assessment with Skype Feedback


Leadership Assessment ILM72 is a an online questionnaire of 72 questions that will assess your leadership style, along with your determination to deliver, engagement with individuals, and your engagement with teams. It takes 12 mins to complete and provides a set of reports for feedback over Skype



This assessment is a unique 72 question highly quality reliable psychometric measure of your Leadership style and Effectiveness, providing a highly effective and user friendly set of reports designed for optimum impact in a wide range of scenarios.

All leaders adopt a preferred way of working. There is no right or wrong style. Leadership style is situational, so this assessment measures adopted styles across six scales representing the six aspects of leadership style:

Goal Orientation – How important achieving goals is to the leader (the means V the end)

Motivation – What the leader believes is the prime path to motivation (the task V the person)

Engagement – How leaders will engage with others (flexible V dogmatic)

Control – The extent to which leaders need to be in control (de-centralised V centralised)

Recognition – The leaders preferred approach to recognition (rewards V punishment)

Structure – How important structure is to the leader (structured V organic)

The assessment will also evaluate the leaders’ 3 competencies which are crucial for leadership effectiveness:

Determination to deliver

Engagement with Individuals

Engagement with Teams


Once you have purchased your assessment, we’ll send you an email with a link to complete the assessment. The assessment is an online questionnaire and takes 15 minutes to complete. After submitting your answers a report will be produced that provides a sten score and narrative for each areas of your Leadership style and Effectiveness.

We’ll then have a 1 hour Skype call to discuss your report, what it shows about your Leadership Style and Effectiveness, and areas in which you can develop.


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