Motorsport and TV fans know her as the first (and remains the only) woman to compete in a World Rally Car. Penny Mallory knows how to compete and beat the odds, but she also knows top performance requires even more than sacrifice and maximum commitment. It also takes heart, insight and the courage to keep going and the refusal to quit.

She gets it, because she’s lived it.

These aren’t hollow marketing words, her life attests to their human truth.

As a child she saw alcoholism and mental illness destroy her family. Fleeing home at 14, homeless and fending for herself on the London streets, her life couldn’t have been more dangerous or bleak, yet an inner strength and self-belief enabled her to take control of her future.

She made impossible possible and has since dedicated her life to helping others do the same.

It is these experiences that have made her keynotes acclaimed international favourites for many of the world’s most powerful and storied brands.

Her life is a continuing series of doing what conventional thinking says she simply can’t. From competing in three marathons on three consecutive days to hell runners and triathlons, finding the courage to enter the boxing ring, and the physical resolve to conquer two of the world’s highest mountains. Penny is the author of ‘World Class Thinking, World Class Behaviour’

Penny is a Master Practitioner in CBT and is a licensed Mental Toughness Coach.

Little wonder that her interactive keynotes inspire taking action, and to believe you can because you can.

With Penny Mallory in your corner, you can and will. 

Against the odds, Penny became the first (and remains the only) woman in the World to compete in a World Rally Car. Her story is unusual and inspiring.

Years of being immersed in a world of intense competition and surrounded by World Class performers, Penny’s obsession with Elite Performance set in. She discovered, first hand, what it takes to be at the top of your game; to beat the best. 

The author of ‘World Class Thinking, World Class Behaviour’ and ‘Take Control of Your Life’, Penny is a descendent of George Mallory, widely believed to be the first man to conquer Mt. Everest.

If you’re ready to change, determined to move forward, committed to unleashing your best and realising all that you dream, Penny Mallory will partner in your success with coaching, Motivational Keynotes and Workshops igniting psychologically powered performance.



Mission : To unleash human potential. Everybody has the potential to be an elite performer, our purpose is to create exceptional thinking and behaviour that expands human potential.


Vision : To eradicate ego, enable better communication, and to encourage acceptance of criticism without fault or blame, whilst learning from failure.


Passion : To transform individuals into elite performers, world conquering teams and world beating organisations


pressure /ˈprɛʃə noun 1. continuous physical force exerted on or against an object by something in contact with it. 2. Drop the pressure with the ultimate personal and team development programme from Penny Mallory and her team.