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“Penny has to be one of the best leadership and team performance speakers  in the UK-

she has the most extraordinary ability to inspire her audience to make immediate changes”

"Utterly superb!"

"We’re building a new Hotels team here at Aprirose, and we needed a half-year energy & momentum boost. 
We made the perfect choice – Penny was amazing!  Every member of our team was super-engaged for the entire session, and Penny’s own story is nothing short of inspirational.
The whole raft of challenges we thought we collectively faced  were completely achievable by the end of it.  What was all the more impressive was Penny’s ability to tailor-make the session so well to our company and our needs, cutting through any negativity, and transforming our frustrations into positive energy.   
We’re now in so much better shape. We’re coming back for more Penny, be sure of it! Thank you."
Kym Kapadia, Chief Commercial Officer, Aprirose Real Estate investment


A great leadership and performance speaker should be an inspiring game changer. Penny believes the best speakers challenge existing thinking and promote new behaviour. Penny’s unique funny and insightful style, proven with International audiences is just that; challenging, experiential and interactive.

Penny draws on her experiences as a pro Rally Driver, multiple marathon runner, mountaineer and boxer. Having also worked inside and alongside World Class Teams and all sectors of business, her keynotes have become acclaimed favourites for many of the world’s most powerful brands. She will energise your delegates and deliver a fresh (and often unconventional) perspective that will change the way you think, behave and do business.

She knows from personal experience that peak performance requires much more than sacrifice and maximum commitment. It also takes heart, insight and the courage to keep going and refusing to quit. Mental Toughness plays a critical role in achievement and Penny shares an insight into how you can develop your own mental toughness immediately.

Years of being immersed in a world of intense competition and pressure, surrounded by World Class performers, Penny’s obsession with Elite Performance set in. She discovered, first hand, what it takes to be at the top of your game; to beat the best. 

Leaders have one thing only – followers. That’s it. A follower is someone who voluntarily goes where you are going. High Performing Leaders create energy and enthusiasm by inspiring, more than they drive, so the teams behave more ‘pull’ that ‘push’. They share they vision of the future that doesn’t yet exist and build a team of followers that will give blood sweat and tears to deliver the goal.

Great leaders allow their people to thrive and create. They don’t constrain talent or set boundaries to thinking, innovating and creating. They share their vision of the future they are trying to build and enthuse followers constantly. A team leader must be trusted, because with trust conflicts can be resolved. A lack of trust slows down everything.

Audiences respect her track record and have made her keynotes acclaimed international favourites for many of the world’s most powerful brands, including: Sainsbury’s, Coca-Cola, Grand Vision, Waitrose, Tesco, Telefonica, Klesch, Sony, Volkswagen, HPI, Jaguar, Proctor & Gamble, Airbus and many more.

Penny is the author of ‘World Class Thinking, World Class Behaviour’ and ‘Take Control of Your Life’.

If your audience is open to change, determined to move forward, committed to unleashing their best Penny Mallory will partner with you to build your most successful event yet.

Spice up your conference  and excite your audience with one of the UK’s most inspiring and entertaining female speakers in the UK.





The Mentally Tough prosper and succeed in today’s fast pace of change and innovation. Increasing resilience, focus, confidence and attitude transforms performance and profitability. With increased Mental Toughness we can learn to manage the stress and pressures we all face.

  • 40-60 minute keynote
  • 30min-1 hour breakout session
  • 2-8 hour workshop
  • Coaching with teams/ individuals
  • Leadership Development programme

Individuals and organisations looking to transform performance, lower employee turnover, increase customer satisfaction, increase in profitability or become an employer of choice must increase their mental Toughness. Find out how in this transformational Keynote. Read about the Mental Toughness follow up programme.

The wellbeing and mental health of you and your organisation is vital to your productivity, performance and ultimately your profitability. Absence, Attrition and Accidents cost UK business up to £42bn every year.

Penny Mallory delivers an experiential, challenging and transformational insight into how and why you can’t afford to ignore the Mental Toughness of your people and your organisation. Understanding your purpose for your life and work is the single most important thing you will identify.

Who is this keynote aimed at?

  • Organisations looking to transform performance, lower employee turnover, increase customer satisfaction, increase in profitability or become an employer of choice.
  • People not coping well with etc stresses and pressures of life and work.
  • People looking to increase their mental toughness to live happier and more fulfilled life.

Delegates will be challenged to think about: 

  • How t0 re-connect with their vision, passion and purpose in life
  • How increasing optimism, confidence, resilience, character, grit and attitude will create a happier, fulfilled life.
  • Identifying what areas of the business Mental Resilience can and should be built in as part of their organisation design and compliment their people strategy to drive improved performance and success, resulting in ROI.
  • How they can transform personal and business performance by improving wellbeing for themselves and others

Follow up activity:

Penny Mallory and her team deliver personal and organisational neuro transformation to assess, develop and sustain resilient performance and wellbeing through applied neuroscience based diagnostic tools, neuro coaching and development interventions.



Thinking and performing at the highest level requires breaking free of our self-imposed limitations and adopting World Class basics:  The proven fundamentals of Championship Behaviour.  When you do, you’ll discover truly extraordinary results are within your reach.

  • 40-60 minute Keynote
  • 30 min or 1 hour Breakout session
  • 2hr – 1 day Workshop
  • Consulting with teams/individuals

To thrive in today’s ultra competitive, fast paced business world, we need to drive meaningful change within ourselves and everyone around us.

You can’t afford to think and behave anything less than World Class if you want to compete, thrive and win. But how can you achieve this? What makes the best people and organisations stand out? Just what is the secret of their success?

The good news is that the top performers don’t possess any magic formulas or gifts that you can’t possess. They simply employ a few World Class basics.

World Class Thinking and World Class Behaviour starts with your mindset. With the right attitude, approach and mindset you will optimise your commitment, talent, creativity, opportunity and results. 

Being World Class is a choice.

Is it a choice you can afford not to make?

Delegates will be challenged to think about: 

  • How your thinking affects your behaviour
  • You can do it the F1 way
  • Why risk is essential to success
  • Without continual innovation, you’ll be in reverse
  • How to build relentless persistence 
  • A great attitude is the powerful fuel
  • Seek to DISprove your own self-limiting beliefs
  • Accelerate skill through deliberate practice
  • Why you must get comfortable feeling uncomfortable
  • How Rally Drivers have nailed effective communication

Unleashing the Psychology of Success 

Success really is achievable for everyone, but because the challenges and obstacles that must be overcome are won and lost in our minds, success requires a winning mindset.  By learning how to develop winning habits you’ll think – and perform – like a champion.

Avoiding the Balanced Mediocrity Trap

Expecting extraordinary results from a life in the middle of the road is a path to mediocrity.  Ironically, seeking balance in everything short-changes everything. Extraordinary results require our time and energy focused on what matters most, to make the impossible possible.

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

From childhood most of us have been taught to resist and avoid uncomfortable at all costs, but it’s a best/worst case example of well-intentioned misguided advice.  This is, because what makes us uncomfortable can summon our best, building confidence and self-esteem.

Maximised Reward Requires Managing Risk

Playing it safe and refusing to leave your comfort zone may be a recipe for failure, but risk is scary. Champions learn to open their minds to possibilities, managing risk and leveraging it to their advantage. There is no loss; you’ll succeed or learn from it, and both are big wins!

Believe in Non-Stop Innovation – lessons from F1

It’s the secret to staying ahead, not falling behind, by continuously shifting into a higher gear, turning ambition into achievement. Instead of settling, find the courage to demand more and create a culture of innovation that doesn’t look for the future in the rearview mirror.

Marginal Change Powers Amazing Results

It’s how good becomes great, and great becomes extraordinary. Incremental, seemingly marginal improvements may seem like baby steps, but at the elite level, these thoughtful but modest changes are the fine-tuning that transforms your performance for the better.

The Genesis of World Class Teams

Learn how to take your team higher, faster and keep them there. At the heart of every great team is a leader with the vision and skills that see beyond Me to We. They‘ve learned how to inspire teammates to believe in themselves, put the team first and aspire to excellence.

Accelerate through Change to Victory

Change is both inevitable and a constant, but how we deal with it is our choice.  Don’t fear change, embrace it, accelerate through it. Doing that makes impossible, possible. Learn to be flexible, think creatively and to communicate in a way that builds trust and succeeds.

It’s Time to Put Self-Limitations Behind

Many of us are our own biggest obstacle. Break free, refuse to accept what is and focus on what can be. Redefine your potential with an all new resolve to harness your full potential and unleash what’s no longer trapped inside and is no longer holding you back.



Penny delivered a Keynote at our Sales and Marketing conference and wowed the audience. She provided inspiration as well as excellent practical advice . She cleverly weaved together personal anecdotes with live feedback from the audience and made a real difference to our event. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Penny for any corporate event.


Penny was excellent! An absoliute joy to work with. Her presentation was extremely motivational and was given excellent feedback by all the attendees. She is extremely professional and takes the time to get the script just right. I thoroughly recommend her!


Penny Mallory was probably the most inspirational speaker I have ever heard – absolutely superb!

Grand Vision

The content of Penny’s presentation was really inspiring and emotive, and linked into the key themes of our conference. It definitely met our objectives. The audience were completely engaged and some were clearly moved by Penny’s presentation. Outstanding.

British Franchise Association

During a recent event I had the pleasure to hear Penny speak, I found her thoroughly engaging and fascinating, In fact I was totally fixated. As with all good stories it’s the way its delivered that you truly get a real insight into someone’s life, Penny didn’t fail to deliver with passion and professionalism. I highly recommend her as a speaker!


Penny was excellent, a real professional, and was able to hold our audience’s attention is a very engaging and powerful way. They were thrilled with the investment AP chose to make and both Tim and I were thrilled with our choice with Penny. We did immediately feedback to Penny and our thoughts and reflections remain just as strong having slept on it.

Air Products

Penny opened our annual partner’s conference last year and she was brilliant; thought provoking and inspirational. Conference delegates were utterly engaged from the start and the mood continued for the duration. She will be a hard act to follow this year.

Charter Group

Penny was absolutely fantastic. A lovely person. Very charismatic. Great fun. A terrific speaker to end the dinner with – who on earth will we beat that next year?

Institute of Insurance

We have worked with Penny for many years. She is a true inspiration, an absolute pleasure to deal with and client feedback is never less than outstanding! She once stepped in at the eleventh hour and saved us for another speaker who fell ill on the day of an event! Thankfully Penny put her foot down and got to the event with time to spare… as only Penny could!

NMP Live

Penny not only gave an outstanding keynote speech but also hosted our event immaculately – even when there were last minute adjustments to the presentations. She spoke honestly and with a depth of knowledge and understanding that engaged the audience, created empathy and pulled us in to be inspired and appreciate the joys of a strong work ethic, pride in a job well done and an enthusiasm to always try harder. Your experience, and achievements in World Rally gave our motor industry audience the opportunity to enjoy some of the ‘inside stories’ that are always more fun and appreciated coming from someone who was an integral part at the time.



Penny was absolutely fantastic. A lovely person. Very charismatic. Great fun. A terrific speaker to end the dinner with – who on earth will we beat that next year?

Harrington Starr

I met Penny at the Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Leadership Academy. She was the keynote speaker and her speech made a powerful impact on myself and the rest of the audience. Penny has a remarkable background and career and she is able to share her life lessons & leadership insights in a very engaging, witty and compelling way. Her speech was really inspirational and the highlight of the event for me, and I wanted to share that experience with the rest of my business. We invited Penny to host a learning session for our Engineering team. I received great feedback from the team afterwards, with many expressing how Penny’s leadership lessons really resonated with them. It certainly gave some food for thought and has provoked some interesting and healthy discussions amongst the department.’ I highly recommend Penny to any organisation who want to enhance their team’s leadership skills or are looking for an inspirational & motivational session.

GE Oil & Gas

- GE Oil & Gas