Motivational speaker

Female Motivational Keynote Speaker Penny Mallory
Penny was wonderfully entertaining, informative and struck entirely the right tone with BlackBerry's audience - brilliant stuff!”

Greville Waterman, Head of Business Development, 141 Sport & Entertainment

Penny believes a great motivational speaker is one that inspires the audience to take action or make positive changes in their lives. She has become a sought after female speaker in the UK and abroad, and uses her experience as a Rally Driver as an analogy for life, sport and business, and success in general.


World Class Thinking, World Class Behaviour 
40 minute Keynote, 1 hour Breakout session, 1 day Workshop

Discover your Winning Mindset and celebrate the power of confident thinking 
40 minite Keynote, 1 hour Breakout session, 1 day Workshop

Take Control of Your Life; 9 'Special Stages' to success
40 minute keynote, 1 hour Breakout session, 1 day workshop
Penny's book 'Take Control' is available to compliment this session

Communicate with impact. How to ignite, influence and inspire the people around you
40 minute Keynote, 1 hour Breakout session, 1 day Workshop

Winning from Within. How the right mental approach will set you apart from the rest
40 minute Keynote, 1 hour Breakout session, 1 day Workshop


Motivating students, Improving results.
Igniting passion, ability and success through a positive mindset
40 minute Keynote, 1 day Workshop

Penny has worked extensively as an educational speaker in school and colleges, with students aged 11-18, ranging from the gifted and talented, the dis-engaged, offenders and the homeless.

This session energizes students to help them find their focus and re-ignites their passion. A high impact day for 11-18yr olds.


A light hearted delve in the world of Penny's experiences, driving, motoring and the inevitable man/woman driving gags. Do not book Penny for an After Dinner speech if your audience isn't up for 30 mnutes that is teetering on on the edge of decency!

Prices for all Keynote, After Dinners, Break out sessions and workshops are available on request - just send an enquiry through the contact page.